Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Go Speed Racer Go: Chocolate Race Car Pops

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

After a long awful day of studying for my huge history test, finishing a project and going to class, I considered myself a lucky girl to find a dozen roses at my doorstep to make my day a little better. Long distance is always hard, but it's time like these that make me feel like Ryan's there in spirit.

I knew I had to do something fun and different for Ryan's gift. We're really not into giving expensive presents, we are in college after-all. Instead, we try to make it personal, and I think it makes it so much more meaningful and memorable. For instance, this Valentine's Day (besides the roses he sent) he gave me a bunch of ridiculous magnets for my fridge from his trip to California over break.

For Ryan's present, I was inspired by the one thing he loves besides soccer, Speed Racer.

If there's one thing Ryan eats more than cookies, it's chocolate. So, I made him something that he would love, chocolate race cars.

All you need is red (or whatever color you want) chocolate melts and a plastic chocolate mold. You can find these at any Michael's, Joaan's or even a Wal-mart near you.

Note: Just because they are colored- they still taste exactly like white chocolate.

Chocolate Race Car Pops

Take the chips and melt them in the microwave. Heat them in 30 second intervals, stir, and then place back in the microwave. Heating the chocolate in short intervals prevents it from burning.
Eventually-as the chocolate melts- the consistency becomes smooth.

Buy your mold- whether it be race cars, flowers, hearts -you name it, they probably have it. If you want them on sticks- you can buy lollipop sticks at a craft store. My mold was actually for pretzel rods, but I decided to make them lollipops.

Scoop a little bit of chocolate and lightly cover the base of the mold. Place the stick- so half of it's in the chocolate and half is hanging on the side. Then cover with more chocolate until the stick is completely covered and the mold is completely filled. (I think -> they look like little lobsters instead of cars). If you want to get rid of air-bubbles gently tap the mold. Then, carefully transfer the chocolate mold to the fridge and leave for 15-20 minutes until hard to the touch.

After the chocolate is cooled- turn the mold over and the race cars will fall out perfectly.

Voila! Happy Valentines Day!

Bon Appetite!
Chef Maggie


  1. So cute! And perfect for Valentine's Day!

  2. Where did you buy your car candy molds?

  3. I bought mine at Michaels- you can get all different kinds at a craft store or even online