Friday, August 2, 2013

La Fournette: A Bite of Paris

I was picking up my Big Ten 10k race packet in Old Town with my friend Laura, when I spotted a little bite of Paris in the middle of the block.

We saw a sign for La Fournette, and my inner foodie started jumping up and down like a crazy child in a candy store. La Fournette was the French bakery/deli that Chef Gale Gand and her baby intern chef Jess had been raving about for the past year. Gale completed her culinary training in France, so she always knows best.

And just like that, I was back in Paris for 20 minutes (they were about to close, or I would have spent all day trying everything) of pure heaven. We decided on croque monsieurs for dinner- the best grilled cheese and ham sandwich/panini you might ever have in your life. Ingredients are not used sparsely as the cheese overflows and creates a savory layer of crust around the sandwich.

La Fournette: Croque Monsieur

For dessert, we grabbed colorful and sweet macarons. They were definitely on the same level as a French bakery in the heart of Paris. My personal favorite is the pistachio with hazelnut filling.

La Fournette: Macarons 
La Fournette: La Macarons 
Also, I grabbed a couple breakfast treats for the next morning. When we were in Paris, I would always start the morning with a Brioche, kind of like sweet bread roll. Light and airy with a little sugar to add a touch of sweetness. Ryan is traditional and prefers a chocolate croissant.  La Fournette is simplicity done at perfection.

La Fournette: Chocolate Croissant 

La Fournette: Brioche

 By: Maggie Dunphy

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