About Me

A wise man once said "Bam!"

Ever since I was a little girl, my grandma and mother have raised me to love food. It's the Italian blood I guess. It probably helped that I watched every episode of 
Emeril Lagasse on Food Network.

However, I've never had my own kitchen until now. This year, I'm finally free of the "who even knows what this actually is" food in the dorm and living in my first apartment. I've been told that I don't cook like a college student. Ratatouille, fettuccini alfredo, apple cake, parmesan chicken fingers don't go on the table for most students, I guess. Please throw that freezer meal away, unless it is an emergency case!

My cooking love affair has only just begun (my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind) and I started blogging and documenting my adventures. I try a couple recipes each week and show you how easy it is!

I even share the ugly truth. Check out my complete and utter failure at trying to make Hollandaise sauce or my attempt to not scream while trying to pull giblets out of a chicken. I have figured out that the key to overcoming a crisis in the kitchen is having a sense of humor.

Food brings people together and I truly believe that it also feeds the souls.

Bon App├ętit